Friday, September 22, 2017

HIKIN Car Phone Mount

HIKIN Car Phone Mount
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This is a really cool product. I love the small and compact size, 
and the strength of the magnets is really strong, so it holds my phone well. 
The ball magnet is great, as it allows for easy directional moving of your phone.

I can easily use my phone when necessary during my driving, meanwhile
 the phone’s angle can be conversed freely. And it is portable and easy to set .

Takes you no time at all to put this on your phone and inside the car!

This thing works great when needing your phone where you can see your
phone when using the GPS or talking on the phone without holding you phone.

Product description

Main Features:
1)Universal Compatibility: perfect for any phone in your car, home and office.
2)Powerful magnet:  It’s super-strong and absolutely safe for your phone or GPS, and it could bear 4kg.
3)360° Free Rotation: With a metal ball in the middle of the car phone holder, prevent your device from falling 360 free rotation, you can rotate your phone or swivel your device at any angle as you like.

Base’s diameter: 3cm, Base’s height: 3.5cm (include metal ball’s diameter), and the length of the finger ring is 3cm or so.

Set up instruction:
1)Use the base patch to fix the product on the surface of where you want your device placed.
2)Attach the magnetic finger ring to the back of your device.
3)Make the magnetic finger ring cling to the metal ball of the base.

Package includes:
magnetic finger ring
Car bracket base and the base patch

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Weirdbeast Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Weirdbeast Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks
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My son is two years old now and i will tell you what
no matter what locks i have used my son always
gets into what ever it is i have locked up..

So when i got to review these locks i was crazy excited
as i'm sure you can understand!

These use 3M tape so they stick crazy strong and they
don't move which i love!  

Product description

Locked Up for Your Baby Safety
Do you often annoy that your little kids open cabinets and drawers frequently? Do you always scare that some dangerous tools in your cabinets might hurt your children?
Don't worry about them anymore, the Weirdbaest Baby Safety Magnetic Locks can solve your problems. It adopted magnetic technology to lock your cabinets or drawers, only few minutes to install without any screws, exactly keeping your toddlers far away from danger.

Save Time & Effort With Our Installation Cradle
Unlike old generation magnetic cabinet locks that require drilling and screws, our locks are installed within seconds,
using our unique Installation Cradle that enables you to find the right place for the lock every time!

Ready To Use Whenever You Need It!
Some people ask : Can the lock work only some of the time? And the answer is – YES!
Our locks are designed with an on/off button. So if the lock is bothering you when the child is not present, you can just turn it off.

Seller Warranty:
12-Month Replacement Warranty
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Support Guarantee

Package Includes:
4 * Magnetic Locks
4 * Latches with 3M Adhesive Strips
1 * Key
1 * Key-Base
1 * Installation Cradle
1 * Instruction Manual

If you have any question about this item, please contact us via e-mail:

Friday, September 1, 2017

2 Piece Foot File Set-Double Sided Callus Remover

2 Piece Foot File Set-Double Sided Callus Remover

I have tried so many things when it comes to my feet.
I have tried every peel you can think of and they work for 
a few days or weeks and then my feet get rough and hard 
all over again. So when i got my hands on these files i was
so excited to give them a try!

If you want to take some callouses off, these will do it 
and then some! Be careful you don't take too much off. 
Very solidly made. The metal one comes with a cap. 
It will catch all the dead skin, and when your done clip it on 
the other way to cover up the sharp side.

About the product
  • Best Method To Remove Calluses: This is the best professional callus remover designed to remove thick calluses, annoying corns,cracked skin, crusty skin on toes and stubborn dead skin. It works efficiently that makes your skin feel like a newborn baby’s skin, It also helps you avoid embarrassing situations like scraped your stockings due to rough skin.
  • Stay Away From Hurting Feet: You may have experienced foot injury and pain when using aggressive foot files. Try this pedicure foot file which is designed in the correct sharpness, Specially designed miniature blades around the foot file holes will get rid of calluses efficiently but are gentle to the skin. Safe frosted surface, dual sided pedicure tool provides all-around effective friction to remove thick calluses and dead skin without hurting feet.
  • Stainless Steel Pedicure Foot File With Cover: Are You concerned with dead skin sloughed from your feet making a mess? Our specially designed pedicure foot file with cover solves your concern. With this cover dead skin will be collected to avoid falling on your floor and making a mess, otherwise, the cover will protect the blade when you don’t use it.
  • Dual Foot File Tool: Double sided coarse and fine foot file tool offers you two choices. The innovative raised surface, with sunflower pattern, coarse side is used to get rid of heavy calluses, thick cuticles, dead skin, and other related problem areas. The fine textured abrasive surface is to grind and massage your feet, to make feet smooth and soft. You can choose the side to use based on your needs.
  • Suitable For Wet And Dry Use: The waterproof feature assures that you can use our callus removal tool set in wet and dry conditions so that there is no need to pre-soak your feet in water. Please remember to wash your feet fully after using this callus removal tool, and your crusty feet will become smooth and soft again!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

AGPtek 12 PCS Shower Curtain Hooks

AGPtek 12 PCS Shower Curtain Hooks
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I just placed these shower curtain hooks in my main 
bathroom and they are really pretty <3

Now they are not as shiny as i thought but they are 
still pretty to look at and add a little something extra
to my bathroom. You get 12 shower hooks.
No need to lack anything. You just put the shower curtain
around the hook and hang over your shower pole.

I have got a lot of compliments on them since 
they are in the bathroom that all my guests use.

Great price for them as well $7.99 not bad at all!

  • AGPtek® curtain hook is designed by professional home decorate designer. We only use high quality materials. You can add this unique diamond curtain hook to decorate your bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.
  • Each hook is made of durable stainless steel. It has a nonporous surface that resists bacterial breeding. Therefore, it can last for years and won’t easily rust.
  • High quality Sequin Diamond Decorator: It has lasting luster in appearance and resist rust well due to its chrome material.
  • Easy to Install:Suitable for all kinds of curtains and rods(diameter 22-30mm/0.8"-1.1")
  • The hooks are suitable for all curtains and curtain liners, offering you privacy and resisting moisture better. It will definitely make the curtains of living room or bedroom look more attractive.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hard Wax Hair Removal

Hard Wax Hair Removal
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(My Review)

I really wanted to like this hard wax as I have used other hard
 waxes before and never had the complications that I had with this hard wax.

I had quite the adventure when it came to this wax I put 
it in the microwave like it says it can. I put it in a glass bowl 
because I figured that would be the easiest thing to remove the wax 
out of when I was done. FYI I never got it out of the glass bowl and I had 
to throw it away LOL.. 

I also had to throw away the butter knife that I used 
because I couldn't get the wooden spatula to work either so i threw both of those away. 
When I went to use this wax I melted it down as good as I can but it 
never went on my leg evenly. 

When I remove the wax it took some hair out
 in patches and the leftover wax that was left on my leg took me days
 to fully get off. 

I was told to give an honest review and unfortunately this one 
is not a good one as I stated in my video if anyone has any ideas to help me make 
this wax work I would greatly appreciate it and I would try anything so I can at least 
change my review I hate to give a bad review but honesty is honesty.. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

iMustech® 12 Cols Gel Pens Set

iMustech® 12 Cols Gel Pens Set

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(My Review)

 I hardly had to use any pressure and it has a unique design. 
It has a long tip so you can see exactly where you are coloring. 
The cap has a rubber tip in it to keep the tip of the pen clean. 
The 12 colors are vibrant and doesn't bleed through the paper.

The tip is so fine that i can't believe it doesn't tear the paper
as you color with these pens. The colors are so pretty! 
I love coloring it helps in stressful situations. 
The tip is 0.5mm and you get 12 colors!

I'm also a diamond lover so the diamond on
the end of the pen just goes well with my personality!

Different Usages: This fine point pens assorted t is ideal for Scrapbooking, 
Journals, Drawing, Coloring, Diary, Nail Art, Greeting Cards, 
Party Invites, Crafting, Doodling, Decorating, Stamping, Tattoos, 
& More! Our gel pens sets for coloring is a great gift for you 
to send to your friends! Come and get this coloring gel pens!” 
fine point pens assorted”” fine point pens for artists”

Colors included.
Red,Gold Red,Coffee,Yellow,Pink,Light Pink,Blue,Night Blue,
Orange, Purple, Black, Green

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bloodline Sports 16 Baseball Cap Rack

Bloodline Sports 16 Baseball Cap Rack

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(My Review)

My husband has so many hats i don't even
know what to do with most of them.
The closet is full and his hats are all over the house.

When i got the chance to review this product i jumped
at the chance because sooner or later my husband would
come home to alot of his hats missing LOL
Excellent Organizer- this ballcap hat organizer will get 
all your hats out your closet, off the floor, and neatly and properly 
organized for your easy selection and viewing.

Easy Installation- No Tools Needed- hangs over the door, made of 
solid nylon backed by 100% solid plastic hanging fixtures will be able to handle 
the toughest load and up to 16 ball caps

The product is well made and it has no problems holding
all of the 16 hats that it holds without any problems.

If you want your hats off the floor and off the 
shelves in your closet then buy one of these 
hat racks i promise you wont be sorry you did.