Thursday, July 20, 2017

Peacock Feather Earrings,

Peacock Feather Earrings
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(My Review)

I think these earring are crazy pretty and i love them.
I love the peacock look and the colors a beautiful.

My only thing is these earring are really big so if you
like small earrings then these wont be for you but
if you like big earrings then you are all set!

When i wear them the touch my shoulders but i
plan on using them for filming my beauty videos because
the colors blend together perfect!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Extra Strength Teeth Whitening Kit w/ Refills

Extra Strength Teeth Whitening Kit w/ Refills
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(My Review)

I don't know how the long-term results are so far or had to get the refills 
yet to experience how well the process goes, so I can't completely review everything yet. 
After some time, I will add more based on more extensive use. 

I am a wine drinker so my teeth needs some whitening for sure.
This is easy to use to the point where you don't really need instructions to figure it out.

 I have sensitive teeth and he (luckily) does not. 
When I ordered this I was hopeful that I might be able to use it. 
The directions were clear, the trays we're suitable for a range of mouth sizes, 
and everything was labeled to make the process easier.

I have sensitive teeth so i will let you know if i can continue with this 
system and i will let you know my full review once i am finished.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

HSI Argan Oil Heat Protectant for Hair

HSI Argan Oil Heat Protectant for Hair

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(My Review)

The first thing I noticed about the product was how great it smelled 
second was how nongreasy it was third was how after using 
the spray in my hair I didn't have the smell of burning hair 
when I use the straightener because it was being protected now
I straighten my hair on a daily basis, so having a good thermal protector 
is a must i have been unable to find a comparable brand that smells good, 
works well, and truly seems to protect my hair from the heat. 
That was, until I tried HSI Professional's Thermal Protector!

I love everything that HSI sells. I love their hair straightener 
so this works perfect together!

This spray protectors hair up to 450 degrees and has Argan Oil 
in it to keep your hair feeling soft and silky

Thursday, June 29, 2017

FusionTrek Travel Toiletry Bag

FusionTrek Travel Toiletry Bag
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(My Review)

The FusionTrek Hanging Toiletry Bag is awesome for that reason alone. 
It is thin and flexible and it can hold all my stuff without the added bulk.

I travel with my 1.5 year old so for that i want to travel light!
I have so many bags and things to carry for him so i wanted
a way to be able to carry my makeup and beauty products.

So when i was able to review this bag i was excited!

Flat and compact, no matter how much you stuff in it!

The right pocket expands to more than double its capacity so there is room for more toiletries.
 I like the quality of the fabric and the fact that it has strong zippers and stitching. 
It looks like the nylon is waterproof. It fits in my carry-on just fine and the 
Airplane approved small bottles are a very useful addition to the toiletry bag.

The bottles are good for a short trip. I don’t need to bring all the big bottles 
with me. Just add some of the liquids and gels and we’re good for 3 days.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Everbellus Womens Full Body Shaper

Everbellus Womens Full Body Shaper

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My Review

when i got this shaper i tried it out and i honestly didn't see 
much of a slimming difference the only thing i can
fully see if that it kind of slims you out but nothing
major. The thing i do like is that it will conceal any
lumpy skin you have and hides cellulite and stuff.
It fits well and it is well made..

It sits just below the bust line and has
2 strong straps to hold it in place.
All in all the shaper is made very well but
like i said i don't feel like is shapes you that much.

I like the material (88% Nylon and 12% Spandex) because 
it is so comfortable to wear. It is super soft, light weight 
and seamless fabric.

It has special lace trims and zipper design. It is removable with 
adjustable shoulder straps for easy use

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

NimNik Pruning Shears

NimNik Pruning Shears
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(My Review)

I love the handle on these shears. It makes it easy to grip so I won't drop it.
 They have a clip closure to keep blades locked into place when not in use. 
Perfect for lopping or pruning shrubs, plants or even small tree branches.

I have a huge rose bush and the branches are huge and large
these garden pruners cut right through it with no problem.

My rose bush has never looked better and since trimming it
up my rose bush has bloomed like crazy!!

Aulker Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Aulker Bluetooth Wireless Headset
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(My Review)

This is a great device, easily connects to multiple devices.
It is very light weight you almost forget its even on your ear!

You get different sizes of ear buds and you also get a 
attachable ear piece to make it to where you have 2 
ear pieces. Great price great item.

You can play music through the ear piece with a push 
of a button which is amazing! 

HD Voice Calling and Crystal Clear Sound, Quality Noise Cancellation MIC.
This Bluetooth Earpiece is equipped with 
CSR chip, ensures maximum signal quality and outstanding sound quality.

No need to plug into your cell phone. 
This wireless earpiece cuts the cord with powerful Bluetooth V4.0.
 No matter you're commuting, unwinding at home, or doing
 your fitness routine. Just enjoy incredible audio and high speed & stable
 signal transmission at the range of 10m with no strings attached.